The Infinite, mysterious and fascinating, without beginning or end.

A boundless and timeless collection that conquers the table and indoor and outdoor spaces with refined geometries in shades of blue. A new philosophy that pervades everyday life and every place of experience to renew the concept of hospitality.

From an aperitif in the garden to a lunch with friends: a fascinating and sophisticated way of living the table takes shape with the Infinity collection.

Plays of patterns that enhance the elegant contrast given by the purity of the white and the depth of the blue. Precious porcelain brings freshness and elegance to the table.

When breakfast becomes an entrancing moment not only for the palate, but above all for the eyes.

Mugs, cups, trays and sugar bowls become the protagonists of an amazing collection.

A fashion touch that pervades the entire domestic space with a wonderful range of cushions and decorative elements to furnish every corner of the home with a captivating style.

The style of Infinity can be worn: elegant pijamas and kimonos to wear inside and outside the home. Tailored finishes and precious fabrics in tencel, an ecological and innovative material made with the pulp of eucalyptus wood. Resistant, smooth to the touch and breathable, this new fabric is perfect for combining elegance and practicality. The colours remain intense with each wash, to be worn indefinitely.

Like a painter's palette, Infinity can be declined in any situation.

A perfect combination of style, taste and functionality to embellish the table and share the moment of conviviality with pleasure.